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The cost to become a member is simply to begin paying dues ($125 per month). If you fly 4 or more hours in a month then you receive a $75 credit the next month.
In return for making it so easy to join, we ask that each new member should intend to maintain membership for at least one year.
Yes, you can absolutely learn to fly in club aircraft.
We are in no way a flight school. We don't have a training department, we don't have a Chief Pilot and we don't employ any Certified Flight Instructor (CFIs). We do however have a list of approved independent instructors who may train club members in club aircraft.
The club strives to maintain a 15:1 pilot-to-plane ratio, which is very favorable compared to other clubs in the area. Certainly, weekends tend to see more activity, but generally speaking, with a little bit of forethought, we find most of our pilots are able to reserve a plane for their desired time with minimal issues.
We use an online scheduling site called FlightCircle. (www.flightcircle.com) Once you join, you will be given access to our schedule, so you can start to fly.
As of Fall 2019, we are around 70 members. At the present time, there is no waiting list to get in and our plan is to add enough airplanes to allow a club of 105 members.
This number will depend greatly on your pace of study and amount you fly. If you fly 2-3 times per week and stay in the books, then you will complete it in the matter of months. Some people take years to complete it and have to be retrained several times. The average pilot will spend $4700-$7000 obtaining their Private License.
The process is pretty straightforward. Go to the contact form page, send us your information letting us know you want to join and we’ll send you the items we need to get you started. Once we have those items, we’ll give you access to our online scheduling system and put you in touch with one of our approved independent CFIs to schedule any checkouts (if you already have your license) or to begin training.
We have quarterly club meetings that are mostly social in nature. We also do fly-ins to some pretty neat places, like the National Air & Space Museum at Dulles Airport, and do gatherings with Raleigh ATC from time to time. Many of our pilots also fly with each other to share the cost or to safety pilot.
No, you can fly as much as you want. We do have rolling scheduling limits so everyone gets fair access to the planes.
No, we do not do charter flights or flying for hire of any kind.
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